Part of the Multivocational Ministry Project

These two conversations will focus on how to fight imposter syndrome to prevent burnout, and how we can find what energizes us in order to be effective, creative, and engaged.

A Series of Webinars from Leaders around the world

Although the core ingredients of leadership are universal… cultures differ in their implicit theories of leadership, the lay beliefs about the qualities that individuals need to display to be considered leaders.”[1] Our upcoming mini-series will take us deep into this conversation with voices from many parts of the world offering insights into what leadership looks like ‘from where they stand.’

Upcoming Speaker:

Xenia Chan joins us for 90 minutes on July 19th at 5:30 pm (MST)

Xenia is a grateful resident on Treaty 13 Lands. Born in Scarborough, ON, she has lived in four other major metropolitan areas and now calls Richmond Hill, ON, home. Having previously worked in politics, journalism, in para-church and church contexts, she is no pastor of Selah community church, a church planted at the beginning of the pandemic and affiliated with the Free Methodist Church in Canada. Xenia also Co-Hosts the Canadian Asian Missional Podcast (CAMP). As her day job, she is a doctoral student at Wycliffe College (Toronto School of Theology) in Old Testament).
A headshot of Xenia Chan